How to Make Great Coffee at Home

Coffee History and Introduction
Coffee is a beverage that has been taken for many years. Many consume coffee for various reasons, but the beverage has a lot of advantage to its users. It passes through a process of preparation, from harvesting to the time it is packed for use. Coffee dates back to many centuries, drawing its origin from Ethiopia, and since then it has continued to rule as the favourite and popular beverage consumed world-wide. Coffee consumption is good for health, alertness, and also believed to support longevity. Having knowledge about coffee preparation is essential for a great final outcome. Although it starts with learning, applying, and finally becoming expert in preparing the beverage, especially at home.

Before taking any step to prepare coffee it is important to ensure all the necessary equipments for preparation are ready. Let everything be clean for great result, from cooking pot, cups, and flask or kettle. Unless its instant coffee preparation, the whole process starts with grinding beans, selected well first for good results. Other prefers mixing beans for flavour and great combination. There are many types one can grind, ranging from Kona beans, flavoured coffee, mild beans, and espresso depending on individual taste. The other step is to filter, using the right size, then some amount of grounds. The most recommended measure is two tablespoon per cup; however the amount can be regulated, either to make it strong or light. Proceed to measure the right amount of water to the pot, heat it until the boiling sound die. Best temperature is between 155% F to 175% F. The other step, you can serve your coffee as desired.

Varied methods
Many people have different versions of preparing coffee in search of the desired taste. Coffee preparation differs a lot, depending with the history or style people are used to practice. There are several types which draw the line that is espresso, americano, and cappuccino. Cappuccino contains equivalent parts of espresso, condensed, and frothed milk. Americano is an american type that consists of espresso diluted to give it taste with hot water. Espresso contains no milk, only pure coffee, like most traditional. There are many other types of methods that are done to prepare coffee to suit ones kind of taste and flavour. Combining milk with coffee is another great way of enjoying good quality and different result from the pure coffee.

Other/ Simple Method
Coffee preparation is not a hard task. Many prefer easy way of preparation without going through much pain. Those in this category prefer french press method, measure about two tablespoons of grounds, then put hot water on top, allow coffee and water to hold stir for some time, and there you go. Coffee preparation at home is the best and easiest method ever and great for one to enjoy coffee. After preparation and finishing with the equipments, ensure they are all clean enough and they do not retain the smell and oil derived from coffee beans. Having exhausted all the methods and preparation steps, you have every reason to be happy enjoying cup of great coffee.